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Website Discovery Questionnaire
for Ad Meliora Coaching

Before we start designing your new website, we need to figure out the strategy behind it. Having a website that seamlessly converts new visitors to customers/clients is extremely important. And better design can obviously help with that, but the underlying thing that really makes a difference is the structure, organization and overall voice of your website. When you pair strategy with good design, you get a great looking website that actually works and helps your business run better – which is want we want.


First, let's take a step back to think about what you need from your website. What purpose does it serve and how does it help your business? And if you have a current website that's already up, we'll evaluate how it's working for you and areas that you think need to be improved.


Now we're going to evaluate who your ideal customer is, what their goals are when they visit your website and how we can make the experience more engaging for them.


Next, let's talk about your competitors. Remember that our goal isn't to think of their websites as something we need to copy in order to make your site successful. We just want to observe how they present themselves, things that work, things that don't work, and if there are any common trends that we need to avoid in order to stand out.

For above: Next to each competitor, give their website and write out what you think are their strengths and weaknesses within your industry. Think about the product/service that they offer, how they present themselves, their branding, etc. 

For above: This might be the style of logos that people use, color palettes, photography styles, tone of voice, etc. Take a step back to observe if any of your competitors are doing similar things and ask yourself, "Is there a good reason why everyone is doing things this way? Or it is something that can be approached differently in order to break up the repetitiveness of the industry?

For above: This can be in any industry! Think about brands that you admire and why. Is it the design style of their branding? Is it their brand personality? Their tone of voice? Is it the values behind their business? Or is it simply the brand culture and connection that they have with their audience?

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